It's Elemental

Have you ever met someone who can predict the weather based on the ache in their bones or the pressure in their head? There have been a few studies that say this is not possible, and yet, those I have met who have this ability are very accurate. I, and some family members, get headaches when a large pressure-change storm approaches our area. It isn't fun being sensitive to large storms. The headache doesn't go away until the storm does. It is this sensitivity to the elements and the Elementals that come with them that I want to talk about. Elementals are the raw essence of the elements. We all experience Elementals but not everyone "sees" them. To me, they are all quite large, big in wi

Trilliums of My Heart

I am not sure when my love affair with trilliums began. I have loved them a long time. There is something magical and intriguing about these spring-time, low growing plants. They remind me a bit of fairy magic. Trilliums grow in semi-shade under deciduous trees. Different varieties (and there are dozens) require slightly different soil conditions but I have three species growing in my garden and all are doing very well. This year there are lots of babies! While trilliums do grow in the wild, they should never be wild-harvested but instead be purchased from a reputable seller. Mine have all come from Garden in the Woods of Framingham, MA. Trilliums have three leaves with the bloom in t

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