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December 1, 2018

            December is a month full of celebrations, observations, angst, family, angst (yes, again) and loneliness.  Personally, I watch the calendar for Winter Solstice.  Why?  Because the longest night, which can reflect all of the items I listed above, brings increasing light the next day.  There is such hope in that knowledge.

            Rather than a full blog this month (it has already been a full year for everyone), I want to offer you a link to o...

November 1, 2018

     Gratitude:  a word that gets thrown around a lot.  Sometimes I worry that it is so over-used that it loses its meaning.  Yet, how can gratitude be over-used?  The word might be easily thrown around, but the observance, I fear, diminishes.  How can we change this?

     People may observe gratitude in many ways.  Some people do so through their religious practices using prayer or other ritual observances.  Others show gratitude by volunteering at food kitchens, fo...

October 5, 2018

                                                       Photo free from Wix

         I pulled into my driveway and parked the car outside the garage.  I had a lot of things to unload. My eyes kept straying to the bucket we have under the downspout.  It had rained the night before, but my husband had emptied the bucket before going to work. I opened the trunk and started...

September 3, 2018

          Recently, a friend posted an article about the Rife Method.  I had never heard of this, so I did some research.  My background is science-based, so I will be getting a little science geeky, please bear with me.  In the early 1930’s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, PhD was one of many doctors who did work in discovering the Cancer viruses he called Bacillus X and Bacillus Y.  These viruses were the primary cause of carcinoma and sarcoma.  Dr. Rife was also one of the first to discover that chemicals...

     What does it mean to be conscious?  Do you need a brain and neurons?  Do you have to be able to move?  These are questions we asked, debated and discussed with Professor Paco Calvo, of the MINT Lab in Spain.  These discussions all centered upon plants and plant neurobiology.  Are you thinking, “What?”   Please read on.

Recently I spent a weekend at the Blue Deer Center in Margaretville, NY with people from diverse backgrounds (Doctor, Retired Agricultu...

     Have you ever met someone who can predict the weather based on the ache in their bones or the pressure in their head?  There have been a few studies that say this is not possible, and yet, those I have met who have this ability are very accurate.  I, and some family members, get headaches when a large pressure-change storm approaches our area.  It isn't fun being sensitive to large storms.  The headache doesn't go away until the storm does. It is this sensitivity to the elements and the Elementa...


            I am not sure when my love affair with trilliums began.  I have loved them a long time.  There is something magical and intriguing about these spring-time, low growing plants.  They remind me a bit of fairy magic.

            Trilliums grow in semi-shade under deciduous trees.  Different varieties (and there are dozens) require slightly different soil conditions but I have three species growing in my garden and all...

March 7, 2018

            In New England there is a saying, “Wait a minute and the weather will change.”  Certainly that saying has proven true this year.  February gave us 70 degree days and March is giving us Nor’easters.  Between the colds, flu, massive weather changes, and general mid-winter funk, what is a body to do?  Let’s look to the plants for help.

            Yes, there are teas I could recommend, but let’s talk about plant energetics instead.  You see, the pl...

February 9, 2018

            This is not an article about a television show, a song, or Valentine’s Day.  This is an article about calling your heart.  You may have heard the saying “have you called your mother?”  Well, it is time to call our hearts and check in.

            What is your heart telling you?  Is it lonely?  If so, why?  Perhaps you don’t have a significant other with whom you can share love, touch, fun or life.  Valentine’s Day has a way o...

January 18, 2018


Would you have a cup of tea with me? 

The weather is icy, cold, snowy, and rainy. 

It’s hard to leave the house. 

People with the flu,

Achy body, feeling blue.

Would you have a cup of tea with me? 

We live next door,

Across town,

Miles away,

In another country.

Would you have a cup of tea with me? 

I am old.

I am young.

I am a parent.

I am a student.

I am lonely.

Would you have a cup of tea with me? 

                                  By Barbara Aspland-Wolf...

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December 4, 2019

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