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While planting in my garden, I was listening to the plants. The sound of plants awakening is a lot like listening to a young, smiling child waking up. It is beautiful, happy, and full of promise. As I dug and planted vegetable and flower seeds, they told me that “seeds are the promise of hope planted.” The promise of hope planted, wow! While I always hope that new plants will be born from the seeds I put into the ground, this is not what they meant. Any time we plant seeds, of any kind, they are the promise of hope planted.

Last fall, for me, was emotionally and physically full. I had much I wanted to do professionally but other parts of my life needed my attention first. Eventually I got a chance to sit and think about the direction and emphasis of my work. Helping others is a joy to me so I set my intentions with the universe and then got to work. I cultivated and nourished the ground by taking some business classes, consulting with other professionals, and reworking my goals. As the new year approached, I planted seeds by putting myself “out there.” This meant stepping outside my comfort zone by promoting me and trying something new. Spring is here, and new opportunities have sprouted from this work. I have a published article, I have two opportunities to speak about plant communication, and I have clients who are being supported in their journey through the energy work we do together. All of this is very fulfilling and empowering.

I am going to continue to plant seeds of my hopes. Some will grow and some may not. Those that cease to grow will teach me change and flexibility. Those that grow will encourage and embolden me. While I want to continue and grow as an herbalist and energy worker, my primary goal and intention is to help other people to be supported in their growth too. May you plant many seeds of hope and help them grow.


AromaCulture-I have an article featured

Herbstalk-I will be teaching.

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