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Herbal  Energy


Our first consultation will be a sharing of your health story and an in-depth discussion of your personal well-being goals. 

  • This is the consultation for the person wanting to improve health and personal well-being.

  • Collaborating together, we will establish an integrative plan that will help you to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  • A plan may include one or more of the following:  herbs, flower essences or Reiki.

  • Consultation: $130.00

Flower Essence Consultation

Flower Essences are the energetic life force of infused flowers.

  • Flower Essences support the transitions a person undergoes throughout life.

  • They are safe, natural and non-toxic to people of all ages, and animals too!

  • This is for the person who is working through trauma, soul integration, and life transitions.

  • This is a supportive modality for anger, sadness, anxiety, separation, and other emotional feelings associated with adults, children, or animals.

  • Flower Essences are supportive to feelings associated with death.

  • You will receive a one-month's supply of an essence blend, an understanding of how they will assist you in your journey, and goals to achieve during that month before we meet again.

  • Consultation: $85




Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle exchange of energy that helps the body to restore the balance within.

  • This is a beautiful, gentle healing modality from Japan.

  • The client is fully clothed, sitting or lying down with eyes open or closed.

  • Barbara uses her intuitive abilities as well as her knowledge of energy to help bring balance.

  • This is for anyone who feels out of balance.

  • Reiki is great for adults, children, and animals. Parents are required to stay with children 17 and younger. 

  • One hour session: $85

Reiki Attunements

This class is for those individuals who wish to learn how to use and give Reiki. Individual appointments or group classes can be scheduled with Barbara. An attunement includes background information on Reiki, Reiki techniques, the attunement itself, and some handouts. Allow approximately 2-3 hours for the session. 

Reiki I:  Initial Attunement  $130

Reiki II:  This level is for working on others  $150

Reiki III (Master):  To become a teacher  $250

Plant Communication

Plants are living beings whose ancestors helped to shape and support human, animal, insect, and bird development.  Learning how to connect with these beings in many ways is to reconnect with the natural world.  I would love to speak on this topic with your group.

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