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Clearing Out

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Our New England weather has been all over the place. Shorts weather one day and turtleneck weather the next. All around me people are getting ill, battling allergies, and feeling run down. I often think about what I can do to help myself stay well internally, but I'm also thinking about how to keep my home environment healthy too. So, on the cold, blustery and sometimes wet days, I am spring cleaning my house.

I don't enjoy spring cleaning. It is daunting and a lot of work, but I love how the place looks and feels when I am done. Here's the thing, if I am going to eat organically, fill myself with nourishing fruits and vegetables, and support myself with tonic herbs, then shouldn't I be using environmentally friendly cleaners too? Many of the cleaners on the market have unpronounceable ingredients that are toxic to humans and animals. In a sea of choices, how does one choose? You could spend the day looking up each individual ingredient and decoding its background (I hope you like horror movies). OR, you could use vinegar, baking soda, castille soap and elbow grease. These are great cleaners for general weekly cleaning. They are gentle and don't smell bad. If there has been sickness in the house, I might add a couple of drops of tea tree oil, eucalyptus essential oil or thyme tea to my vinegar for better sanitation. I try to buy organic ingredients so that I am staying as environmentally friendly as possible.

When I need to do the "BIG" cleaning, as I am doing now, I like to refer to the recipes in The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn Siegel-Maier. I have had great success with her cleaning aids. Mountain Rose Herbs recently sent out some very nice recipes on its blog about natural DIY cleaners that you might check out as well. I have just completed my kitchen. Walls, cabinets, windows, stove and oven are all scrubbed. The rest of the house will have to get done before it is time to be outside.

Why do people bother to spring clean? All winter long, we have been enclosed within our homes. Germs, stale air, and off-gassing from rugs and furniture have been building up. Opening windows and doing a thorough cleaning helps to clear the house out. Energetically, it reboots the house and moves out stagnant energy. The house feels lighter, brighter and more inviting.

You might think that I have an immaculate home. I don't. We are a busy, dynamic family who is involved in a variety of pursuits. We have the stuff to prove it. My house might look lived in, but it's clean. Your life might only allow time for one spot to do a deep clean. Make sure it's one you spend a lot of time in so you can enjoy the benefits. Happy Cleaning!

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