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As a Reiki Master, I often find myself in a position of sending clean, purifying and loving energy to those I work with or those in need elsewhere. I see energy work as an expression of spreading white light, balance and love into places that are shadowed or unbalanced. I feel that it is an honor and privilege to do the work I do. At a time when negative language and energy are shot at us daily, it is important to remember that work done from the heart can both promote healing and have the most lasting effects.

Through my work with people, animals and plants, I meet a lot of folks who give off what one might call a “vibe”. This “vibe” is the energy that an individual exudes from within. Some people give off such loving energy that everyone wants to be with them all the time. These individuals tend to be generous with their time, friendship and caring ways. Some people have quiet energy that makes them seem almost not there. These folks are observant, smart, comforting and dedicated friends once they get to know you. Airy individuals, those who are the dreamers and flitters, are fun too. While not exuding grounding energy, they do give you the feeling that you can create, be anyone or do anything.

How about the high energy individuals? These are the folks who would give off sparks they are vibrating so strongly. I often see these folks as subsets; those who are frenetic and those who are the doers (the Type A variety). The frenetic folks have so much energy they seem to visibly vibrate. This can be a difficult group to be around as this energy can be a bit like a rollercoaster. It might be fun at first but eventually you need to get off. It can be exhausting, and yet, these folks really want to help and to get things started. They encourage us to get moving and not stagnate. The Type A doers see a need, look into it, get things set up, build momentum and run with what needs to be done. Type A doers can be intimidating and their energy beats strongly. They seem like they have it all together, can do anything themselves and don’t need any help. Type A doers are those whose energies shout leadership. They are the ones who will back up a friend to the end while also telling you exactly what you need to hear.

Finally, there are those who give off the “ick” vibe. These folks have energy that feels cold, heavy and dark. You find yourself wanting to be anywhere but with that person. There may be many reasons for that person’s energy but they have the ability to remind us about the darker side of ourselves and the work we might need to do so we don’t feel “icky” too.

Do you recognize yourself or a friend in one of these descriptions? I do. I recognize myself as a Type A who wants to be a different energy that speaks well to others. I work hard to balance my energy so that some of the other more positive energies are emitted and not just the “I will get it done” energy. This is necessary for doing energy work. Whether I am helping someone to bring balance within him/her-self, treating an animal or working with plants, it is important that I put aside my own personal ideas about “what should be” and pay attention to “what can be”. Working on our own energy means self-care. It is the love we show ourselves that will translate out to others we meet. In essence, you have to show love within in order to have love without.

Once you have recognized love within yourself (and I don’t mean the egotistical or narcissistic kind) then you need to maintain. This means continued self-care and reflection. It means drawing people within your circle who are the loving, quiet, frenetic, Type A and Airy energies so that you have friendships that balance your life and keep you from stagnating. Don’t just ignore the “icky” energies. “Icky” is not comfortable. Face it, understand your reaction to it and refuse to let it darken the light you have inside. Send some of that light out. You never know if that is the moment that your energy clears the “ick” away for someone else.

Love is its own energetic expression. It comes in the form of a hug, a note, a cup of tea with a friend or a walk outside. Love is showing up at someone’s door with a meal because you heard they were having a tough time. Love is protesting injustice for others and all. Love is a smile to a stranger. This February, remember to express self-love and to share the joy love brings to those around you. Spread energy of light and balance.

Love is in the air and may joy surround you.

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