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Bloom Where You Are

Squash bloosom at curb

Spending time with plants is not just my job. Plants are intelligent, soothing, beautiful, and my saving grace when I am stressed. Plants can teach us a lot. You don’t have to be able to grow or care for them to appreciate them.

Do the plants you see first live in the shadows (shade) or in full light? Perhaps they like some of both? Do you prefer to be in the background or out-in-front? Perhaps you like some of both?

Plants come in bright, bold shades, and soft, subtle colors. Do you like to change your hair color often or prefer to keep the soft, subtle shades you have?

Alpine plants are small to accommodate harsh conditions on mountainsides. They are hardy and sure-footed. Water lilies thrive in lakes, enjoying the swish of water and wet feet. Seaweeds live in the ocean and can be stationary or travelers. Dandelions are travelers popping up in all kinds of places. Do you prefer mountains, lakes, oceans, or just like to travel?

Recently, I came across two plants who chose to bloom in unusual places. The first plant is a squash who has grown and bloomed in the crack between the road and the curb. The second is a petunia who grew under an urn and bloomed. Despite their unusual places, they have bloomed where they are growing. How about you?

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