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Flower Essences and Balance

There are many types of healing modalities available to help us attain peace and balance in our lives. Some focus on the physical, some on the spiritual, some on the mind, and most focus on the whole person. In a world of “one size fits all,” we humans don’t fit. We often need more than one type of healing or practice in order to make ourselves whole, even if the journey starts with just one modality. A room full of yoga clients, practicing the same movements may feel the results differently. An herbal tea blend for one person may not work the same way for another person. What is important, no matter the modality or modalities chosen, the healing path chosen requires active participation by the one who needs balance.

This month's modality will be flower essences. I have spoken of them in the past, but I feel that new information comes my way the more I study and interact with the natural world around me. I am a flower essence practitioner, and this is what I love about my work. Essences reveal new information and a deeper understanding the more I use them, interact with the plants, and observe my own energy as I go.

Flower Essences are the energetic life force of infused flowers. There are people creating amazing essences from water, gems, and natural environments too. What does “energetic life force” mean? Everything in nature is made up of atoms. These atoms move, depending on the type and size, at a given rate (sounds like high school physics class). When the atomic structure increases in complexity, the energy released will be different. Rub your hands together very quickly for 30 seconds. Have a friend do the same thing at the same time. Now, hold your hands a couple of inches from each other. What do you feel? Have you ever walked into a room and gone, “Whoa!”? A quiet restaurant has a different feel than say, Hard Rock Café. You are feeling the energy emitted by those around you.

With training, a practitioner learns how to tap into this energy and gather it into a water medium. All of this requires time spent with a plant and being given permission by the plant to attain its energy. Think about some acquaintance or co-worker who can make you feel like they suck the energy right out of you (without you wanting them to do so) just by being close by. We don’t like it and try to avoid that person as much as possible. This is no less true of a plant. Asking permission of a plant to share their energy is polite and will produce a clean, safe essence. Anything taken without permission has an icky feel to it. While I won’t go into how this process is done here, please know that there are some excellent teachers who can train you if you want further exploration.

What can a flower essence potentially do? (None of this is accepted by the AMA or the FDA)

· Flower Essences support the transitions a person undergoes throughout life.

· They may be used by people of all ages, and animals too!

· They support a person who is working through trauma, soul integration, and life transitions.

· Flower essences are a supportive modality for anger, sadness, anxiety, separation, and other emotional feelings.

Look for a practitioner who is not there to solve all your problems but will support your journey. This support will include flower essences and may be in conjunction with a client also seeing a doctor, chiropractor, therapist, etc. A practitioner will be open with you about what essences are chosen and what energies they will help support. A general session will involve a conversation about why you are there and what are your goals. The practitioner will then choose the essences that are needed by you at this time (energies that will help to adjust current disharmonic energies in your body). The essences are blended and then you take a few drops or apply them to your skin. You may choose to lie down (fully clothed) or to sit. The practitioner sits or stands near your head to help hold the energy as the essences move through you. After a set time, the practitioner will ask what you felt during the session, after which the general purpose of each essence is revealed. You will be given a month’s supply of this essence to take home for use, with instructions. A repeat session may be as little as two sessions or as many as is needed, each person is different. Flower Essences are not magic pills, but their energies are real and powerful. When changing your energy field, you don’t want the “struck by lightning” effect as this doesn’t give you time to get to know the balanced you. This also means that clients need to be willing to do the inner work that brought you here. Flower essences offer support.

How do you know if an essence or blend is working for you? Many of my clients say they feel an internal shift or they find they could work through a problem that seemed insurmountable prior to use. Flower essences change your vibration so that you can feel empowered. If you don’t feel anything, speak with your practitioner.

I hope this article gives you a better understanding of flower essences. Plants are amazing beings, and so are you.

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