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Jin Shin Jyutsu

Have you heard of Jin Shin Jyutsu? It is an ancient art of healing from Japan listed in the text, Kojiki of 712 AD. At some point, this knowledge became less well known and seemed to disappear. In the early 1900’s Master Jiro Murai rediscovered it through his own illness. Similar to Reiki’s Usui founder, Murai went to the mountains to heal. Placing his fingers on certain parts of the body, Murai was able to bring healing to himself. He then pledged to bring this form of healing to others.

Jin Shin Jyutsu works through touch and pulse evaluation. There are certain points on the body where the practitioner will press to relieve tension and congestion in the body. The practitioner learns to tell where these congested areas are located and then how to release them. The idea is that when the body is tense or congested in one area the entire body is affected. Tension that is left too long can result in physical illness. Practitioner Hannelore Devlin explained that Jin Shin Jyutsu is similar to acupuncture but with hands and that it restores calm to the nerves and heals the body, mind, and spirit. She has seen this technique take away deep pain.

Hannelore has been a practitioner for over eighteen years. Her entrance into Jin Shin Jyutsu was at a conference she attended for something else. Hannelore said she took the class because what she wanted was full. Deciding to take the class, despite her belief that this technique couldn’t really work, led her to discover otherwise. As two people demonstrated the techniques on her, Hannelore was amazed at how wonderful she felt. When she tried some of the techniques on other people, Hannelore discovered a knack for this type of work. She felt that God/spirit provided this opportunity so she should do something with it. Hannelore was headed towards a new career.

Formerly an artist and graphic designer, Hannelore helps clients through Jin Shin Jyutsu techniques. Her training has taken place both in the United States and Austria. Originally from Germany where natural healing is part of the healthcare system, this training seemed to flow with what she grew up knowing as part of a good health system. She says that practitioners never stop learning, and many specialize in a particular area. Her clients can be anyone, but she tends to see people who have had or are going through cancer treatments, those with spinal issues, or those who are experiencing deep grief. She says that Jin Shin Jyutsu can be used for any ages, however, her clients tend to be in the twenty to eighty year range.

Hannelore says that the best way to find a good practitioner is through word-of-mouth. Call the practitioner and ask questions about how they work, how long they have practiced, and listen to your gut as to whether you feel this practitioner is a good fit. Hannelore emphasizes that this last bit is really important. Trust yourself. She also said that a client needs to be willing to do the work necessary to carry forth healing. This may mean receiving practices to do on their own. I asked Hannelore what a typical visit with her would look like, and the preparation she does for a client. She says that her space is always neat, private, clean, soft, relaxing, and often has fresh flowers. After welcoming her client, she may have music playing or use her singing bowls or drums. She feels that the resonance of the music is important to set a relaxed tone. Once her client is settled on the massage table she takes their pulse. Pulses tell how fast your heart is beating and they have an association with different parts of the body. Hannelore’s example is that a pulse may say liver/gallbladder is an issue. She performs specific holds for those areas, and then reaccesses the pulse. Usually there is a resolution within ten minutes. She then checks the pulse to see if another part of the body is out of balance. When a session is completed, she does a grounding technique that includes contact points at the rib cage and big toe. The client sits up when ready, and asks any questions that come to mind. Hannelore may ask the client to work on something in particular until their next session to help reinforce the work they did that day. Repeat visits are on an individual need basis. Hannelore is currently doing remote sessions due to the Covid virus.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a technique that can help any age and has gained a lot of notice for assisting those going through cancer treatment. The Markey Cancer Center/UK HealthCare in Lexington, Kentucky uses this technique as part of their integrative treatment program. This pulse/touch technique is another unique way to find balance and healing, and Hannelore is a caring and intuitive practitioner who will help you to reach those goals.


-Hannelore Healing with Hannelore Devlin

-UK Healthcare/Markey Cancer Center

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