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Being Called

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I pulled into my driveway and parked the car outside the garage. I had a lot of things to unload. My eyes kept straying to the bucket we have under the downspout. It had rained the night before, but my husband had emptied the bucket before going to work. I opened the trunk and started to reach in, but, once again my eyes strayed to the bucket. I sighed and walked over to where the bucket sat and looked in. Floating in the three inches of water at the bottom of the smooth-sided bucket was a small peeper. I tipped the bucket over and dumped out this small amphibian. The peeper sat on the driveway for a couple of minutes before disappearing into the lawn. How did I know to look? The frog didn’t make a sound. Why would I go look? I was called.

“Being called” means different things to different people. People are called to be a teacher, nurse, doctor, minister or writer. These, and many other career paths, are often sought because people are drawn to them. What if you are called in a different way? People who are highly sensitive to energies around them often pick up on frequencies that others don’t hear. These frequencies can manifest as a feeling, sound or a need to be in a particular place at a particular time. This does not mean you are crazy. It means that your senses are super-heightened.

This hyper-awareness can be a liability if it interferes with your regular routine and interactions with others. You might seem strange others. Differences can be difficult for some people to handle. On the other hand, this ability to “be called” can be cool too. Perhaps you are called to help the deceased cross over; perhaps you hear the plants speak; perhaps you can hear where someone has pain in their body and help to alleviate it. This is the beautiful side of “being called.”

People who have lived (all of us) will have personal baggage that will be mixed up in the ability to “be called.” Working to open that bag and sort through the contents is work and it’s important. There are professionals who can help with that sorting. Once you begin to get your baggage in order, you can then look at your amazing ability and see it for what it is. Only then can you learn how to use it for positivity, and also learn how to have some control with this ability. When you are sensitive (empathic), working on oneself is a necessity, and something that never stops. We humans always have room for improvement, but sensitives need to know when their experience is their own or someone else’s. This is how you learn to help others without imposing your own stuff.

Are you “being called?” It can be scary, or fight with your cultural or religious beliefs. Remember, if you look at each culture and each religion, there are examples of women and men who were called to do extraordinary things. Not everyone becomes famous, but each person like them helped to shape the world around them, in their own way.

Not sure where to start with your newly recognized hyper-awareness? There are reputable shaman, psychics, flower essence practitioners and more who can help. Make sure you look around, interview them before you start, and ALWAYS trust your gut. May you “be called” in many beautiful ways. The world needs you.

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