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Winter Shines

December is a month full of celebrations, observations, angst, family, angst (yes, again) and loneliness. Personally, I watch the calendar for Winter Solstice. Why? Because the longest night, which can reflect all of the items I listed above, brings increasing light the next day. There is such hope in that knowledge.

Rather than a full blog this month (it has already been a full year for everyone), I want to offer you a link to one of my favorite instrumental musicians, George Winston. When I feel down, happy, or need calm, I turn to his music. The link is to YouTube and you will be sent to George Winston’s “Winter” album. I love this entire album (not often I say that about any artist I like).

I hope you find solace in this or other music. If you need someone to talk to for more serious needs, please see the resource list below.

Blessings to you this winter.


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