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Asters in the Fall

This is a plant and a family I have mentioned before but which deserves to be mentioned again. The Asteraceae family is huge with 1,620 genera and 23,600 species! With a family this big, the Asteraceae family is unavoidable. Daisies, asters, sunflowers, chicory, and dandelions are just a few of the plants we recognize in this family. I want to concentrate on asters, specifically, this month.

Like so many other plants, I love asters. They bring beauty and color in shades of white, pink, and purple to a landscape that will be shades of red and yellow one week and brown in another. Because asters bloom through the fall season, I see them as transitional plants when we gather ourselves and projects inside. There have been occasions when I have lamented change at this time of year and asters have helped me through it.

Aster flower essences are there to help us with changes in our lives, from inner change to passing on. That is really powerful! Asters can help us let go of emotional issues that result in long-held anger, fear, prejudice, and conceit. Asters can help us look at these issues and help us to see that there may be another more positive path to take, and feel okay doing so.

Have you ever said “I have bad karma?” Generational and past life energy and toxicities can be passed on. At some point a generation will say “Enough!”. That generation will do the hard work needed to break a cycle that has been creating toxic behaviors throughout the family tree. These ingrained behaviors can make it difficult to break a toxic cycle and move forward. While there will be necessary support for change that a person will need to move forward, asters can help you to see things differently as you work on that which has influenced your life. Asters may be helpful with this generational karma. It must be noted that while asters can help your energy to vibrate in a more positive manner, they will not replace the therapy a professional can provide.

Asters are a transitional plant. There are transitions such as a child added to the family, starting school or a new job, or wrestling with a major health issue. One of life’s biggest transitions is death. I have provided flower essence blends for family and friends who are losing or have lost a human or animal family member. There is such grief, fear, and emptiness for those who will lose a family member as well as for the one who is passing. I feel that aster flower essences help to lighten and brighten a path for clarity, understanding, and the ability to work through the worry, fear, angst, anger, and helplessness while still honoring that those are valid feelings. Asters are a beautiful guide in those difficult times.

Asters are part of a huge family. With a large family comes a multitude of dynamics and personalities. Each member of the aster family has its own personality and energy. Asters are powerful. When change comes our way, aster flower essences are a true ally. Please seek help if you are struggling with big changes in your life and are having trouble coping. Here is a link to my December 2020 blog with a few agencies who may be able to help. Blessings.

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