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Birch (Betula)

Birch trees are beautiful and can be found with white/black, yellow, brown, and silver bark. They grow in hardwood forests and boggy wet areas. This is a quintessential tree that most people can recognize.

Birch flower essences are about renewal and new beginnings. While birch is often associated with December, I thought it fitting to talk about this month. In October I spoke of asters and how they can help with transitions as well as showing us new pathways. Once we have chosen a path and have done the healing, birch can lead us towards the new beginnings of stability and balance.

Birch gives us a chance to connect with our new inner courageous self and shine through without the fear of rejection. When we have done the inner work we are renewed and it is less important what others think, and more importantly, that they are supportive of you. Birch may look soft, but birch stands tall and is flexible. Characteristics we can all aspire to each day.

This month, when old habits and expectations can be pronounced, find your inner birch. Let birch flower essence help you towards new beginnings.

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