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Dr. Monica Gagliano

Dr. Monica Gagliano is a scientist who is exploring plant bioacoustics. This is the exploration of plant-emitted sound between the same and different plants as well as between plants and animals. She is looking at the sound emitted by plants in a variety of settings.

This is exciting work. This research is creating a knowledge of language that plants have in different situations. Does a sound emitted by a plant being eaten sound the same in different plants? How do plants change their chemistry when a plant emits a warning sound? Will a plant make the same sound now, when enjoying a full complement of sunshine for food making, as it will in the future as climate change creates new natural world realities? These questions are mine, but it will be exciting to see if research demonstrates any of the answers.

Plant bioacoustics is a new field of study that integrates many disciplines. Dr. Gagliano is at the forefront of this study and is working hard to bring more scientists into this important work.


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