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Plant Pioneers

There are many who are researching how plants communicate with each other. Not out of a sense of down-grading human intelligence but to recognize that communication comes in a variety of ways with a variety of beings. For some reason it is easier for us to believe that animals communicate with each other than it is for us to believe that plants do so. Some who do acknowledge plant communication feel it is rudimentary and are somewhat dismissive. Again, the fact that plants communicate is not a reflection on humans but on the beauty that is this world and what we can learn from it.

Researchers such as Paco Calvo, Monica Gagliano, and so many more are doing extensive scientific research in many areas of plant communication and development. I belong to a group called Plant Pioneers. Our purpose is to collate research that is being done as well as connecting people with plants through demonstrations and education. Our connection is in teaching people how to dissolve their preconceived notions of who plants are and to learn to listen in different ways. Why? Through our connections with other living beings we can learn what they and we need to keep healthy and strong, have viable water and soil, respect the food we eat, develop new ways of understanding and communications, and so much more.

This year I will be exploring this world of plant communication. I hope you will read, question, open your mind, and seek new pathways.

Happy New Year!

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