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Heart Roar By Bryonie Wise

It is 2022 and I am wondering where the past two years have gone? It is both very dream-like and also full of harsh reality. I know that everyone is REALLY ready to be moving about the country, but science is showing that this movement is still part of the spread of Covid-19. At what point do we rest? Perhaps it is time to stop, relax, and read. This year I will be focusing on a few of the many books that I have regarding herbs, poetry, fungi, forest bathing, plant communication, and energy work. It was difficult to choose just a few, but that just means I will get to feature others at a future date. If you want to learn a new skill, go to Thank you for being a part of my natural world, and may this be a happy new year for you.

My sister gifted to me the book Heart Roar a tiny book of prayers by Bryonie Wise. A gift from her heart to mine. Sometimes I lose sight of the book, and then it reappears like magic when I need to hear a poem to help me or a friend along. What a gift has Ms. Wise. Her poetry isn’t about rhyme and meter. Her poetry is more like talking to a friend who says something profound, that speaks to your heart and soul when you need it, and the words are said in the most lovingly beautiful way. I find myself not reading this book cover to cover, but rather shuffling the pages and seeing where my eye lands. Often the words that I need at that moment are revealed in front of me, and I am better for it. A new year can be a fresh start but it can also be an ending before a new beginning. This book of poetic words may just be the words you need to move forward.

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