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The Family Herbal by Rosemary Gladstar

Rosemary Gladstar has made a positive and lasting influence on herbalism and herbalists from the west to the east coast, as well as internationally. Her beginnings are learning from her grandmother but her continued knowledge is from experience and the willingness to learn from others. Her teachings say that herbs are not medical substitutes but plant beings who share their healing in a vast number of ways.

My copy of this book is well-used. She gives insight into herbal actions and gives the basics on salves, syrups, and creams. My favorite parts are the chapters that deal with all seasons of life from birth to advanced age, male and female. She shares tips and recipes that may help to strengthen and soothe as we go through life. This was my go-to book when I was first training as an herbalist and it still serves me well when memory needs boosting.

If you have a budding herbalist in your midst (or you want to see what herbs can do) this book is a lovely and useful gift.

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