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Herbal Salts


-A package of non-iodized salt (I like sea salt)

-Dried herbs or blooms (collect, dry and grind as you go. Store dried herbs/blooms in a glass jar with a lid.)*

-A glass jar with a lid

-A spice grinder (I use a dedicated coffee grinder. A mortar and pestle is fun too.)

Once your herbs have dried, remove leaves or blooms from the woodier parts of the plant. Place in a grinder. Grind to break down but not create powder. Pour into a jar. Add a little salt and mix. Keep adding salt until you get the mixture you want. Be sure to label your jar. Get creative and make your own herbal salt blends, but make sure that the herbs chosen with not be skin reactive.

Use the salts when you are in the tub or shower prior to soaping. Lightly scrub your skin with a small amount of the herbal salts. Rinse, then soap and rinse. Your skin will feel smooth due to the exfoliation.

*Try violets, calendula, rose, mints, or lavendar.

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