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How to use fresh aloe for burns

-If you are burned deeply or over a large area with blisters, see a doctor right away.

-Snip off a piece of leaf about the size you need to cover the burn. If the leaves are small or the area to be covered is large, you might need more than one leaf. So that the plant survives, do not take too many leaves at a time.

-Carefully slit open the leaf and peel the sides back. Loosen the gel with your finger. You can take the gel out completely and rub over the area or rub the opened part of the leaf over the area.

-Initially, that area will be a little sticky but this will diminish as it dries. Aloe does not prevent skin from peeling after a burn; however, it does act as a cooling agent that will provide comfort and softness to the skin beneath.

-You can also buy a bottle of aloe gel, but get one that has as few extra ingredients as possible.

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