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Plants as Healers

Glass rendering of Marsh Marigold

Harvard Natural History Museum

Photo taken by Barbara Aspland-Wolf

Science has demonstrated how plants can add calm and beauty to work spaces and homes. Plants filter our air and soil. Plants are there for wedding celebrations and celebrations of life. Plants are their own beings; ones who communicate and live a life different from the animal world and yet they live, consume, procreate, and die just as we all do. It would behoove humans to afford greater respect to the Plant Beings rather than treating them as a commodity or as inconsequential.

Take some time with the plants for calmness and centering. If you need additional help, I have listed some resources below. I have added a recording of a plant in my care. I used a machine called “Music of the Plants.” This machine records the flow of xylem and phloem within the plant, much like an EKG. I have found that the plant will change that flow in response to outside influence. Please enjoy this remarkable recording. May 2024 be a better year for us all.


Suicide Awareness- Call 988

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