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Who is Using Their Brain?

Is a brain necessary for intelligence? Do brains have to look like that of a human or animal? What if we look at things differently? Think of intelligence differently? Do plants have brains?

We humans are more likely to think of aliens having intelligence and brains than we are plants. Plants do not have brains like ours but they do have root brains. A single root has a cell growth region (Motoric Elongation), an electrical region that is closer to the tip (Oscillatory Transition), the root cell growth region (Meristem), and the Root Cap (protects the root tip). Root tips can grow about 2.5cm/day, similar to nerve growth in human bodies. The root brains are located at the end of each root (the root cap is protection). If a plant has more than one root, there is more than one root brain. Because plants live in one place, the need for multiple brains is paramount.

As the roots go in different directions, information is gathered regarding water, minerals, obstacles, etc. Information is sent via electrical and chemical signals to the other roots. This information allows the plant to use energy for the roots that detect the resources the plant needs. This information also makes its way up the stem to the leaves to where the plant then takes advantage of more sun/food creation; to respirate or conserve moisture. This is done by opening or closing the stoma in the leaves. The leaves also send information down to the roots. If the root brain is gone, then uncontrolled growth takes place because the root brain decides where the cells produced will go and when to stop. This uncontrolled action would use up valuable energy resources and the root, and possibly the plant, would die.

In essence, plants are “brains down.” Plants are, obviously, not the same as humans. They live, for the most part, in one place. Their development would not be the same as humans. Plants are evolved, intelligent beings of a different sort.

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