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Wild Remedies by Rosalee De La Foret & Emily Han

These two women are herbalists from the Northwest yet their teachings reach across geographical areas. This is a delightful book for the person who is looking to explore herbs as medicine and food for the mind, body, and soul.

Rosalee and Emily present many ways to connect with plants through the senses, sitting, journaling, and walking through a supermarket. They teach basic plant physiology and then provide a nice collection of everyday plant Materia medica. Each plant has both a live photo and a drawn picture of its various parts for identification. Botanical and family names, parts used, energetics, properties, and uses are also listed. They describe traditional healing uses with recipes, and also recipes for food use. The recipes are yummy!

This is a great book for the beginning herbal explorer or as a reference for experienced herbalists. Looking for a podcast? Go to Rosalee’s site to hear from guest herbalists and to learn about a variety of plants.

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