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This is not an article about a television show, a song, or Valentine’s Day. This is an article about calling your heart. You may have heard the saying “have you called your mother?” Well, it is time to call our hearts and check in.

What is your heart telling you? Is it lonely? If so, why? Perhaps you don’t have a significant other with whom you can share love, touch, fun or life. Valentine’s Day has a way of over-emphasizing that fact. Have you thought about being your own date? It isn’t cliché to say that you are your own best friend. Learning to be comfortable with yourself allows you to be more present, open and flexible when you are with others. People will be drawn to you the more you are comfortable with yourself. Find something you like about yourself, no matter how small. Perhaps your nails look especially good, your mustache has just the right twirl, or you made the best soup ever? Leave yourself a note and say something positive. Feels weird? Sure it does, but self-affirmation is important and this is a good way to start. After you read the note, put it in a jar. There will be days when you and your self have a falling out. Reach into the jar and pull out a note at random. Read it and remind yourself why you are friends. Take yourself out for dinner, buy yourself a flower or plant, take a walk or trip, cuddle under a blanket and read a book or watch a favorite movie. I can’t state this enough; treat yourself as you would want someone else to treat you and your energy changes, drawing the people you need and want to you.

Is your heart sick? Both physical and emotional illness and events can affect the heart in so many ways. If your heart is physically ill, then it is fortunate to be living in times where there are medicines, herbs and instruments that can keep your heart pumping for many quality years. Knowing the signs of physical heart distress is important as women and men do not present symptoms in the same way. Women are more likely to ignore symptoms because it is “just a twinge” or “I think I am just getting a little sick.” Please go to the American Heart Association to find out more. If you know someone with heart issues, you may feel a bit helpless. Learning CPR is very empowering and it is easier than ever to remember and perform. When I was 17, my grandmother had a stroke while visiting us. I didn’t know what was going on; just that she was in trouble. We were lucky enough to have a nurse living next door so we got Grandma help right away. Soon after, CPR was offered at school and I took it. I have stayed certified for 38 years.

You’ve already been told multiple times to eat better and exercise. If this is a challenge for you, keep trying until you find a new daily eating plan or style of exercise that works for you. Despite what some authors and groups would have you think, there is no “one style fits all” plan. What is important is that you make a change and stick with it because you love yourself and want to live a long life. Movement is exercise. I once had a job that had me sitting or standing in one place for long periods of time. During breaks, I would climb stairs for a couple of floors just to get my body moving. It is that easy.

Emotional illness such as when someone close to you is very ill, dies, leaves or is abusive can take a huge toll on the body. Emotional illness can manifest as heart palpitations, migraines, shaking, poor digestion, irritable bowels, anger, sadness, and more. Perhaps you are in a difficult and dangerous situation where you experience all of these. If you are being abused, I hope you find it within yourself to get help right away. True love and compassion are yours, no matter what anyone else says. There are people who will help you find your way to a healthy love for yourself. Please see the resource list below for help.

If you are heart sick due to any kind of loss, be kind to yourself. It takes time to process how you feel. How would you comfort someone else in that situation? Do no less for yourself. There are friends to be talked to and hugs to be given. If you need something more, seek out therapy, a spiritual advisor, Flower Essence practitioner or councilor. Treat yourself to a massage, Reiki, or acupuncture to find balance and a bit of peace. While the situation will always be what it is, your ability to cope with your feelings will change and grow stronger with time. In the meantime, hug from me to you.

On February 14, and all year through, share the love, especially with yourself.


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