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In New England there is a saying, “Wait a minute and the weather will change.” Certainly that saying has proven true this year. February gave us 70 degree days and March is giving us Nor’easters. Between the colds, flu, massive weather changes, and general mid-winter funk, what is a body to do? Let’s look to the plants for help.

Yes, there are teas I could recommend, but let’s talk about plant energetics instead. You see, the plants know how to handle these pre-spring flip flops. Sometimes they get fooled, happens to all of us, but for the most part they are pretty savvy characters.

Do you wake up happy, refreshed and energized from a good night’s sleep? You aren’t getting a good night’s sleep? Are you resting or are you on some type of technology or having thoughts run through your brain all night? Plants know how to rest. Plants rest all winter with most of their energy resources safely stored in their roots. We humans aren’t in a position to rest all winter, but we can benefit from decreasing our activities when the sunlight is low. Allowing ourselves to hunker down and relax once it gets dark is giving our body and energy reserves a chance to replenish. It is like storing our energy in our own roots. As light increases, plants begin waking up. If we have slowed down and relaxed, even a little bit, then first sunlight could be a joy and not, “Is it morning already?” Down time is important. Children, adults, animals and plants all need down time.

Spending time in the woods with the trees, in all the seasons, is a lesson in taking time. Unless the wind pushes them around, trees move slowly. Their thoughts move slowly. Humans are rush, rush, rush. Stop, please. Just stop. Take a moment to look up into the upper branches of a tree. You get a unique perspective. Trees are a cathedral of art, engineering, architecture, food and friendship. When you look up, you see things you might have missed. Perhaps a hawk or nest is perched there. Perhaps the light of the sun or moon strikes the branches so beautifully that a photo can’t capture it. Perhaps time stands still and you find you have been gazing up for several minutes; meanwhile your heart rate has slowed, problems are temporarily forgotten, breathing steadies. You sigh and let it all go.

Trees send calming energy that stretches from the heavens down to the ground. They are an amazing package of Kundalini energy, rising and falling. Put your hand on a tree’s trunk. Can you feel that energy? Can you hear the tree? Stand quietly with yourself. Can you feel your own energy and deepest thoughts? Allow energy to flow from your crown chakra to your feet and back up, just like a tree. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Early blooms give hope. Spring is on its way. Snow drops and Hepatica are small, low growing plants that withstand mighty weather changes. They bloom on. When life is all over the place, what small thing can you find to help you weather the storm? If a small plant can be mighty in diversity, can I be that plant too? Pull on your own inner strength. If you are having trouble finding it, sit with a plant. Plants help.

I step outside and walk around my yard, in the woods or in a park when I need a pick-me-up. Trees do not pressure me to get things done, and small plants appearing in the soil give my hope. Even the pounds of leaves that I will have to rake out of the gardens tell me that I will have the opportunity to gain muscle, uncover plant treasures, and feel the fresh air.

I don’t really want to shovel more snow but another Nor’easter is on its way. I will be encouraging the plants around me to stay strong, be flexible in the wind, guard the birds and animals, and wait for the sun to come out when the storm has passed. I will try to do that too.

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