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Trilliums of My Heart

I am not sure when my love affair with trilliums began. I have loved them a long time. There is something magical and intriguing about these spring-time, low growing plants. They remind me a bit of fairy magic.

Trilliums grow in semi-shade under deciduous trees. Different varieties (and there are dozens) require slightly different soil conditions but I have three species growing in my garden and all are doing very well. This year there are lots of babies! While trilliums do grow in the wild, they should never be wild-harvested but instead be purchased from a reputable seller. Mine have all come from Garden in the Woods of Framingham, MA.

Trilliums have three leaves with the bloom in the middle. Part of its magic is that this is one “leaves of three” plants that we can get close to and enjoy. A forest floor of trilliums is a sight to behold. It is almost like the earth has said, “here is some joy just for you.” The yellow and white blooms are beautiful but it is the deep reds that speak to me. Perhaps it is their heart color that speaks to mine. I love the way trillium cuneatum has its red bloom stick straight up and then slowly opens to reveal its inner self; ready to be pollenated and continue on. As a flower essence, trillium reminds us to speak with our hearts. While the brain gives us logic it can also dither about decisions. It is my experience that the heart knows what it knows and that is that. While balance between brain and heart is important, sometimes the heart must do the talking. Not only does trillium help us to do that, but it also helps us to see and accept the long-term consequences of those heart-made decisions.

In addition to its heart connection, trilliums have a “soul” connection. Those plants that grow close to the ground often are plants that speak deep down inside us; our deepest self that is our soul. Therefore, trilliums truly speak to the heart of our very soul. What is your deepest heart desire? What do you want to bring into your life that speaks to who you are at this time? Spring is the time to manifest that which you have been working on all winter. Spend time with trillium to help you be your truest, heart-felt self. The beauty of that moment will be an incredible gift. Blessings.

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