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It's Elemental

Have you ever met someone who can predict the weather based on the ache in their bones or the pressure in their head? There have been a few studies that say this is not possible, and yet, those I have met who have this ability are very accurate. I, and some family members, get headaches when a large pressure-change storm approaches our area. It isn't fun being sensitive to large storms. The headache doesn't go away until the storm does. It is this sensitivity to the elements and the Elementals that come with them that I want to talk about.

Elementals are the raw essence of the elements. We all experience Elementals but not everyone "sees" them. To me, they are all quite large, big in width and excellent at camouflage. They are curious too. It has been my experience, that if you acknowledge that you "see" them, they will come check you out. I get the sense that they just want to find out who has the energy to know them. I have never been harmed by any Elemental as they are not inherently evil. Elementals are what they are, and that might mean that the energy they gather can sometimes be destructive. Think about rubbing your socked feet on the carpet and then touching something metal. You get quite the shock. Now, multiple this by a million or more, and you have an Elemental. Elementals gather energy as they go and once they reach a certain absorption, need to release their excess energy. With this, we get storms.

I call myself a "weather geek." I love to study the weather and the science behind it. How can I possibly believe in Elementals? Elementals travel with weather systems, including those systems caused by wind and fire. The stronger the system, the more energy Elementals can gather, making a storm bigger. Can I prove this? Not yet. My experience comes from meeting Elementals and their brief sharing of information. Raw energy is a lot for a human brain, so brief is a good thing. I seem to be an Elemental magnet. Recently, we had quite the storm come through. Prior to that, I stepped out on my deck to check on the changing weather. To the NE, the storm was picking up speed and looked to be staying north of us. I noticed the Elemental in it and said hello before really thinking about it. Within ten minutes, the storm was directly over our house and very strong. It came to check me out. This is not the first time this has happened.

I have had other Elemental encounters. I have had Earth Elementals "sit" in the woods, looking at our house. Why? It has been a while since they were here, but I believe I was making some big changes to my yard and they were checking things out. I was just fortunate to see them. What sticks with me is how quiet and still something so incredibly large can be when these beings are such raw energy.

Another experience occurred with a friend. We were having a nice time at a popular bookstore and closed the place down. Out in the parking lot, we continued our talk. As one, we both looked down at the far end of the empty parking lot. There were a line of these huge rolling Elementals heading our way. We looked at each other to confirm we were seeing the same thing. We decided to call them "Cleaners," as they seemed to be clearing energy and something we couldn't identify. We weren't afraid but determined we did not want to be there when they got to our part of the parking lot, and we left. Why didn't we want to be there? I am still not sure, it was more of an instinctual feeling. We both felt that this type of Elemental comes through when something big needs to be cleared.

I don't see Elementals all the time. I haven't seen any other Cleaner Elementals but that one time, and Earth Elementals only a couple of times. Storm Elementals I see more frequently and even then, it isn't all the time. I feel honored to be able to see these beings. I show respect but I also don't dwell on them. Raw Energy should be handled in small doses. Being sensitive to the world around you can be both amazing and difficult (think headaches or disbelief of others). It is nice to know that you are not alone and that the world is full of wonderful and amazing things. Enjoy the wonder.

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