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Do you know Monarda or Bee Balm? A lovely plant that stands tall, has unique flower petals of purple or deep pink. The leaves make a delicious tea and the blossoms are edible too. As the name implies, bee balm attracts bees as well as other pollinators such as hummingbirds and beneficial insects. This is a plant that prefers partial shade.

Okay, I love all my plants. So, what is special about Bee Balm as a plant and as a flower essence? Joy. Here is a plant that stands tall, reaching from the earth to the sky. The petals are folded or curly so that the bloom head looks like a mini firecracker bursting forth. This is a plant that has the qualities of Air. Tall, slender, and as a member of the mint family, a delicious nervine. In addition to the bloom looking like an exploding firecracker, I envision a person standing with arms out wide in sheer joy. This is a plant that embraces warmth.

As a flower essence, Bee Balm connects with spirit while keeping one grounded. Joy is brought forth from experience and manifesting in life experience. Where stress has created coolness and anxiety, Bee Balm soothes, warms, and comforts.

Joy is a feeling that everyone needs but not always experience. It is time to bring joy back into your life. If you have a place to plant Bee Balm, be it land or a large pot, I encourage you to do so. Sometimes the best cure is sitting with a plant and just listening. We can learn a lot from Bee Balm.

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