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Flower Energetics


In 2020 I did a series on various healing modalities, including flower essences. This year I am exploring flower essences in greater depth. Each month will feature a different flower essence and their energetic teachings.

Many people are familiar with Dr. Bach Remedies. These are flower essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a bacteriologist and pathologist. A major health change had him looking at healing in a different way, while still using his studied knowledge. Dr. Bach was drawn to homeopathic practicing but put his own research method together to study the effects of plants on physical and emotional well-being. He believed that microdoses were the way to go. He has left a legacy of plant healing that is international.

Scientists have studied plants too. There is plenty of research showing the benefits of plants on mood and perception in buildings and homes. Offices, restaurants, and doctors’ offices invest in live plants to promote this atmosphere. Receiving a plant or flowers brings great joy and feelings of love or respite from grief. Conservatories and gardens receive thousands of visitors each year as people seek to walk among beauty, color, and scented plants. Why do plants add to our emotional well-being? Plants have evolved to draw pollinators and dispersers to them. Humans are, generally, dispersers and consumers. We propagate that which we enjoy the most. Within plant chemistry there is that which can feed and heal on many different levels. Flower essences are the gathered energetics of a plant. This energy is contained within a medium that helps to hold it. Flower essences can be taken internally or on the skin. Flower essences can be used with humans of all ages, animals, and the environment. Pregnant individuals should be careful of essences that involve releasing.

Not every essence will respond to each person in exactly the same way. Humans are individuals and different in their exact chemical makeup and life experience. Therefore, how one responds to a particular flower essence will be different, but may also have similarities as well. Sounds confusing? Flower essences open space for individuals to feel prepared to work on what needs doing. They help to place you in a safe space to do the necessary work of healing. They do this by the frequency of their energy. Your cells will adjust to their frequency, changing your perceptions at an energetic level. Flower Essence practitioners are not M.D.s, although there are some doctors who use them. Practitioners do not diagnose, but we do listen to what you are experiencing and help you choose the flower essences that will help you work toward your goals.

There are so many essences to shoes to discuss. I hope you enjoy learning about the ones I have chosen for this year. The amazing world of plants and flower essences provides a vast amount of knowledge so their stories are ever evolving. Learning about plant energetics as flower essences is an exciting lifelong journey.


"Plants can improve your work life", American Society of Horticultural Science, January 2, 2020

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