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The year 2020 brought discovery. As the early times of the pandemic hit, I found myself spending a lot of time in the woods behind my home. While I have been back there before, I didn’t really pay a lot of attention to what plants thrived there. These woods tend to be very wet with a lot of skunk cabbage. A period of drought and then rain allowed me to discover a healthy and thriving colony of Coptis groenlandica or Goldthread. I had studied about this little plant but it was my first in-person sighting. Suddenly, I was seeing Goldthread wherever I hiked.

United Plant Savers lists four species in the U.S.A. Goldthread grows in moist conditions, shaded areas, and prefers acidic soil. Goldthread gets their name due to their bright yellow rhizomes. A beautiful little flower is produced in the summer. I spent months visiting the colony of Goldthread (C. trifolia) growing behind my home. When the plants bloomed, I asked to create a flower essence. It was a sunny day, breezy, and in the low 50’s when I received permission.

This low-to-the-ground plant blooms with radiance. They shared with me that this is what they are all about as well as kindness, internal glow, and love. Woodland Essence says that they are also about unexpected treasures, and certainly finding this plant was just that. Goldthread is for the individual looking to rediscover their inner joy and to find those moments that bring the delightfully unexpected.

I hope that you find your inner glow and delight in this month of May.


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