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Winter is a time where conifers stand out the most. Their green needles (really leaves) add a brightness to a brown or white landscape. Winter is their time to shine. I met the tree hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) more formally many years ago. I was at a retreat, walking near a stream, and doing a meditation assignment when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It surprised me as I heard well and detected no approach (and we were not supposed to gather together). I glanced back and so no one so remained where I was. The tap happened again, and that is how I met hemlock. The tree got my attention and became an important part of my meditation. To this day, I can walk into the woods and Tsuga will call me. I always make it a priority to say hello.

Eastern Hemlocks are long-lived and provide a dark, moist environment. Striped Maple, beech, Fungi such as Reishi, brook trout, salamanders, deer, turkeys, bears, porcupines, and a huge variety of birds call Hemlock forests home. Sadly, the hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsugae) is taking a toll on these ancient ones.

As a flower essence, hemlock is about gentle guidance and helping you through personal transformation. As we do our personal inner work, especially in the winter months, our energetic patterns shift. Come spring, we are ready to put forward what we have learned. Hemlock Flower Essence can help us through this energetic shift as we do that personal work. Walking through a hemlock forest is like walking into a new space and time. It feels different. Initially the quiet and enclosed feel may be uncomfortable, but you soon find yourself relaxing, breathing softly, looking around, and discovering new things. This is hemlock.

May you transform into the space and being you wish to be. Blessings.

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