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Nasturtium Flower Essence

Your mind is going in circles as you think about all you hope to accomplish before summer ends, school begins, and before fall and winter arrive. You make lists, adjust the lists, and add more to them. Nothing moves forward. It is time for nasturtium (Tropaeolum) flower essence.

Nasturtiums have rounded leaves and red or yellow blooms. The flowers have petals that create a rounded shape and the center goes deep. Both the flowers and leaves are edible and taste a bit spicy. When our plans are going around and around without anything being accomplished, nasturtium is there to add spice, energy, and vitality to get things moving. Stop procrastinating and start doing! Nasturtium takes that jittery “what if” energy and lights a fire under you from deep inside and bursts forth, but in a way that is more like a motivational speaker than like rocket fuel.

Need to get things done? Keep your list small and manageable. Put the priority item at the top. What will it take to finish that one thing? If you can’t ground your thoughts and keep them from circling, think about bringing nasturtium flower essence into your life.

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