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Soloman's Seal Flower Essence

There is something about Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum spp.) that speaks to me. Perhaps it is the tall sleekness, the gentle beauty of the blooms, or the narrow leaves? A member of the Liliaceae family (although Go Botany lists them as the Ruscaceae family), they are sixty species strong. I have King Solomon’s Seal growing in my garden. This plant stands above many other plants and looks magical rather than intimidating. The central stem of the plant is strong, sturdy, and flexible. They move with ease in the wind and give a slight bounce. The flowers that Solomon’s Seal produces are bell-shaped and grow along the underside, along the central stem right where a leaf attaches to the stem. This plant spreads by rhizomes that look very jointed. This is the key to Solomon’s Seals power.

While an extract of the roots is used to help ease ones’ joints, I find that the flower essence does so also, but the flower essence does so much more. When we have heavy emotions such as frustration (nothing more frustrating than painful joints), grief, needing perfection, or when huge changes have occurred, our emotions can go into our joints. What we feel is stiff shoulders, aching knees, hands and feet. Rubbing an ointment onto these areas may temporarily ease the pain, but until its root cause is released, the discomfort will return. A plant that grows in part to mostly shade, Solomon’s Seal can help us to become flexible when things seem darker or change too fast. For those with profound emotional occurrences, Solomon’s Seal flower essence would be an excellent addition to a formula. I love the gentle release that Solomon’s Seal gives me. If you are pregnant, I do not recommend this essence to you.

Take some time to get to know Solomon’s Seal. This plant will teach you flexibility and release. What a wonderful teacher.


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