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Violets. Those lovely little purple and white faces that may pop up this month, depending on snow. Violet flowers can be half the size of your pinky fingernail to as large as pansies. My yard is covered with tiny white and purple violets. Have you ever gotten close enough to smell one? The scent is unique and soft. Commercial violet scents are stronger, and in my opinion, not as pleasant. Violet water was all the rage during the late 1890’s. Only the wealthy could afford it. Others made due with violet soap or scented cloth. Violets were thought to make a female more desirable and highly elegant. All this from a plant that grows close to the shaded ground and blooms in the spring.

While trees connect heaven and earth, small plants that are close to the earth connect our inner selves with our spirit or soul. Violets and pansies are often called “heartsease.” They loosen and move the emotions that affect our hearts on a deeply emotional and spiritual level. An example would be the loss of a loved one. You will never stop missing them. Your heart will feel heavy and tight in your chest as if everything is frozen and solid. Violets help to move the energy that feels frozen; the emotions that feel frozen; allowing you to move forward through the grieving process (this process is an individual journey). This is but one example of violet’s help. Violet can help us move forward in an uncomplicated way, building on the past. Pansy can help you to release fear and anxiety, and help you to feel safe as you come to understand the true you. Pansy is also for those times when the brain is louder than the heart. Essences from the viola family are truly beautiful.

There is a French word “voila!”* It means “there you are.” Viola helps us to ease our hearts and spirit, allowing us to see “here we are.” Take some time to see and smell the violets. Their beauty and scent will bring you into the beauty and newness that is spring.

*pronounced v-waa-la


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